Bakke Athletics is the premier training facility in the Madison, WI area offering personal training, elite athletic performance training, and 24/7 gym membership.


Don't live in the Madison area? No problem! We also provide nutrition and training programming for competitive athletes, bodybuilders, and general fitness clients across the country.

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Our Facility

A spacious 16,500 sq ft facility with a combination of equipment that simply can’t be found in any other gym. Multiple free weight areas, Rogue rig, Olympic lifting platforms, competition level powerlifting equipment, functional turf area, boxing equipment, cardio equipment, private studio, basketball court, and so much more!

Bakke Athletics is not simply a gym. We are committed to getting you into the best shape of your life and providing you with effective and efficient training using the best training tools and methods available.  training.





$50 key fob (one-time charge)



$50 key fob (one-time charge)



$50 key fob (one-time charge)

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Personal Training

One-on-One, Small Group, Adaptive 


Bakke Athletics specializes in personal training and in expertly designed training programs. We have a highly experienced group of expert trainers that specialize in all areas to create individualized, science-based programs to help you reach your goals.

Athletic Performance

Individual, Team, & Group


We strive to decrease injuries, increase level of competitive play, and more opportunities for success for all of our athletes. We work with individuals and teams as well as provide ongoing camp opportunities. Contact us for more information or to learn about our latest camps.

Small Group Classes

Structured & Progressive Programs

Bakke Athletics offers several small group focused training packages and programs for all experience levels. Most meet for 6-8 weeks including Women's Lift, Adult Lift, and Strength & Cardio. Contact us for more information on current and upcoming groups!

Parkinson's Disease

Rock Steady Boxing, Personal Training,

Spin Class


RSB enables people with Parkinson’s disease to fight their disease by providing non-contact boxing style fitness programs that improve their quality of life and sense of efficacy and self worth.

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Contest Prep

Our contest prep plans are specifically designed around each athlete to achieve a stunning contest day physique. Every Bakke Athletics plan is based on sound science and experience to maximize muscle retention and optimize fat loss, resulting in a healthy, full, and athletic look on stage. 

Additionally, a proper contest recovery and off-season is essential to a healthy body, a healthy mind, and future success on stage. A well structured and precise plan should maximize lean muscle growth, improve metabolic rate, and minimize fat accumulation.  ​​We work with each athlete to identify specific goals and then design plans to maximize his or her individual potential.​​

Packages include:​

  • Custom nutrition plan and necessary adjustments.

  • Unlimited nutrition guidance

  • Custom weight training protocol development.

  • Complete cardio plans and necessary adjustments.

  • Individualized peak week and reverse diet coaching and planning.

  • Unlimited contact with our coaches

  • Official weekly check-in that allows us to make necessary programming adjustments.

  • Discounted personal training sessions at Bakke Athletics


    16 Weeks – $1600

    20 Weeks – $1900

    24 Weeks – $2100

    Full Year –   $2700

    Posing - $100/hr

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Virtual Services



  • Custom nutrition plan and updates

  • Unlimited nutrition guidance

  • Custom training program

  • Unlimited contact with our coaches

  • Official weekly check-ins to make necessary adjustments to meet goals

  • Discounted personal training sessions and membership at Bakke Athletics


12 Weeks – $1100
16 Weeks – $1300
20 Weeks – $1600
Full Year –   $2300



  • Custom nutrition plan and updates

  • Unlimited nutrition guidance

  • Unlimited contact with our coaches

  • Bi-weekly check-ins to make necessary adjustments to meet goals

  • Discounted personal training sessions and membership at Bakke Athletics


12 Weeks – $700
16 Weeks – $800
20 Weeks – $900
Full Year –   $1700

Single Consultation - $195

Notebook and Pencil


  • Custom weight training protocol development.

  • Individualized comprehensive sport specific training plans.

  • Complete cardio plans 

  • Unlimited contact with our coaches

  • Regular check-ins to make necessary adjustments to meet goals

  • Discounted personal training sessions and membership at Bakke Athletics


12 Weeks – $500
16 Weeks – $600
20 Weeks – $700
Full Year –   $1200


Our Team

Kjersten Bakke 
B.S.,  J.D., CPT,  CSCS

Owner & Trainer

Kjersten is a two-time graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Neuroscience and Law School) where she competed in basketball and track and still holds several weightlifting records. Her experience as a collegiate athlete serves as the foundation of her training methodology – train smart, train hard, and injury free.

Kjersten specializes in helping clients reap the many benefits of safe strength training.  She builds resilient, explosive, and elite athletes, develops dominant bodybuilders, and helps clients through implementing proper nutrition for their goals. 


Stephanie Johnson-Bakke 

Owner & Trainer

Stephanie is a graduate from the University of Alaska Anchorage (nursing degree) where she also played basketball at the DII level. After remaining in Alaska to work as a nurse in direct patient care, she returned to Wisconsin and went on to have a professional career at Epic for 13 years. During her career there, she traveled the world. But while out on the road, she stayed passionate about her love of athletics, fitness, nutrition, and health. As a very busy mother of twin toddlers she has been able to balance personal fitness with the demanding needs of family and career.

At Bakke Athletics she focuses on strength training, fitness and nutrition for the busy professional, athletic performance, and also perinatal fitness.

Patti Batt.png

Patti Batt

Trainer & RSB Coach

Former collegiate basketball, field hockey, and rugby who came to Bakke Athletics following a career in criminal justice. Patti is a gifted personal trainer and our head Rock Steady Boxing coach working hard to fight Parkinson's Disease.

Gary 2.jpg

Gary Gulseth


Former Wisconsin Football player, professional wrestler, and world-record powerlifter, Gary specializes in personal training for our elite athletes and older clients who are learning the many benefits of strength-training.


Brady Knudsen


Former collegiate baseball and soccer player, Brady has built an incredible reputation for training some of the best baseball players to come out of Wisconsin baseball programs. 


Samad Qawi


Former Wisconsin Basketball player, and brilliant student, Samad specializes in helping athletes develop as safe, strong, and explosive athletes. He also uses his wide variety of skills to help the general public feel great in the gym.


Halle Bailey


Former collegiate volleyball player, Halle has used the skills she learned in the weight room and the kitchen to help her clients in all facets of their fitness journey. She is a wonderful fit for anyone looking to start lifting weights to those trying to take the next step.


Austin Schyvinck

Adaptive Trainer

Austin is one of the leading trainers in Wisconsin in training people with diverse abilities. The work he does with our adaptive boxing class and his personal training clients is second-to-none.


Rick Reynolds


Rick is one of the premiere trainers in Madison, WI for people of all ages who are trying to return to a high level of fitness following knee & hip replacement surgeries.  His first-hand knowledge of the challenges our older clients face as they overcome physical challenges and limitations is front and center in his training


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